Isolation Immersion Training (ISO-immersion)

Isolation Immersion is a type of language training program conducted in an immersive environment for a specific language. These ISO-immersions are conducted in areas where the target language is used daily. The goal for these ISO-immersions is for students to be exposed to, implement, and use mission specific language and vocabulary in an isolated, immersive, and realistic environment. Training focuses on the student’s mission language ability to listen to and understand native dialects and conversations in a target language using participatory listening. Focus is also given to the student’s ability to speak fluidly and comprehensively in the target language and to be understandable by native speakers.

Students engage in daily tasks to build and reinforce their confidence in using the target language, to teach them mission specific language skills, and to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of cultural nuances in both a regional and national context. The primary focus of ISO-immersion training is the enhancement of speaking and participatory listening skills through task-based exercises using local instructors and venues. Instruction is conducted entirely in the target language and is broken down into two categories: task-based simulation instruction and regional culture structured interactions. 


Task-Based Instruction

Examples of task-based exercises include placing orders in a restaurant or café, renting a room in a hotel, or negotiating at other commercial establishments. 


Client Specific Instruction

The Unconventional provides task based activities that are specific to military operations such as Mountaineering/Rock Climbing, Mounted and Dismounted Navigation, Convoy operations, Maritime and Airborne Operations, Basic Combat Medical Training, Physical Fitness, Hand to Hand Combat and many other activities that can be selected based on mission requirements.


Regional Instruction

Regional and culture education focuses on providing a background on subjects such as popular culture, unique history, and local events.

ISO language offerings: Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Persian Farsi, Pashto, Dari, Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic Levantine, and French.