LREC Immersions

Our CONUS Iso-immersions and OCONUS Live Environment Training (LET) Courses provide an intensive and holistic educational experience. Guided by instructors, students learn by seeing, hearing, and soliciting local country and regional perspectives and cultural nuances. Every immersion course is customized to meet each client’s specified training requirements and 100% of our students improve in speaking and participatory listening skills along.

LET Courses

Our Live Environment Training (LET) courses are generally four-week programs. Instruction is conducted entirely in the target language and is broken down into classroom instruction, task-based simulation instruction, and regional culture structured interactions. Student’s training includes a macro-to-micro-level comprehensive regional and cultural understanding of the location’s history, cultural nuances, regional norms, religion, politics, family structure, socioeconomics, normal criminal activities, demographics, and area dialects spoken other than the primary language. Our instructors also supplement language training with Diplomatic, Industry and Operational professional domain terminology.

Isolation Immersion Training

Isolation Immersion Training (ISO) is our unique language training program executed in CONUS cities where the target language is used on a daily basis. Instruction is conducted entirely in the target language and is broken down into two categories: task-based activity instruction and regional culture exposure.

Our unique training Isolation Immersion places students in key areas in the US that are densely populated with native speakers of the chosen language. Students are required to function and thrive in this environment while utilizing their language and cultural skills throughout while exposed to, implement, and use mission specific language and vocabulary in an isolated, immersive, realistic, and natural environment. Students engage in daily tasks to build and reinforce confidence in using the target language, to teach them mission specific language skills, and to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of cultural nuances in both a regional and national context.

Upcoming ISO Course Dates

Regional Expertise and Culture Live Environment Training

A Regional Expertise and Culture Live Environment Training (RECLET) is an intensive,1-2-week, multi-city and/or multi-country, truly holistic, educational experience in a specified country or region.

Guided by TU’s REC SMEs students can learn by seeing, hearing, and soliciting true native country and regional perspectives cultural nuances. Utilizing the country’s transportation infrastructure –student will travel to the key socio-economic and cultural locations, while engaging the local populace.

Upon course completion students can gain important cultural competencies including identifying aspects of the specified foreign culture that may cause/provide friction or conflict with their own culture along with developing mitigation strategies.